Mobile Payments Simplified


IntouchPay Mobile Payments Gateway offers a simplified way of making and accepting payments on Mobile Money. It leverages the Mobile Money services offered by the Telecom Operators, and provides an easy to use platform for Third Party applications and developers. This enables organisations to quickly and securely set up mobile payment services for their products and services.

The Payment Gateway can be accessed via two ways;

  • The Web Portal. This provides a self-service online portal where clients can manage their payment operations.
  • The Payment API. The APIs provide a way to intergrate a client's systems with the payment gateway, for automated and seamless payment processes. The API is built on the REST Framework.

    How to access the Web Portal.

    Access to the web portal requires a computer with an internet connection. You can access your account from any location in the world, and also from multiple devices simultaneously. Simply navigate to www.intouchpay.co.rw


    No software installations are required, the portal is accessed by navigating to www.intouchsms.co.rw on your computer. For best results, we recommend using the latest version of the Google Chrome Web browser. If you dont have it, you can download it here

  • Features Overview.

    Through the web-portal, you can perform a number of tasks and functions. An overview is given below. Click on the link to jump to that section:

    Make Payments
  • Single Payments
  • Bulk Payments

    Accept Payments
  • Payment Collection

  • Account Statements
  • Export Reports to EXCEL and PDF.

  • Make Payments.

    Single Payment

    You can send money directly to one receipients through this feature. This serves as a normal peer-to-peer transaction, done by intitiating a single payment through the web-interface or via the API.

    You can immediately see the status of the transaction (eg. Succesful, Failed, Insufficient Balance.)

    This feature is useful for cases such as;

  • performing a transaction reversal
  • refunding a client
  • payment for a service or product.

    Bulk Payments

    With the Bulk Payment feature, you are able to send money to multiple receipients at the same time. there are two ways this can be achieved;

  • Web Portal: - Here, you can upload an Excel sheet containing the payment details, in two rows; the Mobile numbers of the receipients and the amount to be sent to each receipient.
  • API: - Via the API, this is similar to making a single payment. Each payment request is made separately.

  • Accept Payments

    Through your intouchPay account, you can accept/receive payments. This can be achieved by integrating your system with the Payment Gateway, so that when a payment process is initiated on your application/website, we process it for you by collecting the money from the clients.

    This type of transaction requires the clients to approve on their mobile handsets. You are notified immediately after the client has appreoved or declined the transaction.

    This feature is useful for cases such as;

  • online service and product subscriptions
  • ecommerce service providers
  • payment for bills, fees and utilities.

  • Reports.

    Account Statements. You can view your account statement that tracks all transactions that are done on your intouchPay account. This keeps a detailed transaction history/log, that you can use to trace individual transactions and also perform audits on your account.

    It follows the format of a standard account statement, with opening and closing balance records for each transaction. Generate Reports.

    You can view your usage statistics using the Reports feature. This is accesed through the Filter at the top of each peach, that enable you to Search, Select Date Ranges, etc, to view desired information.

    Then you can view your reports directly in your browser, or you can export the reports to EXCEL format ot PDF format.


    Pricing is dependant on the type of transaction. Each transaction is charged separately. There are no recurring or extra charges.

    Make Payments: This type of transaction is charged a fixed fee, irrespective of the amount being transacted.

    Accept Payments: This type of transaction is charged a percentage of the total amount being transacted.

    The charges are detailed in the service agreement, and are flexible.